Anzo Smart Data Lake Solutions

Anzo Smart Data Lake solutions utilize a single semantic layer to create organization, relationships and maximum value from all your data.

This graph-based approach to modern data management and analytics delivers the speed, flexibility and scale required to enable your employees to do what they were hired to do, more efficiently and with increased collaboration across the organization.

Whether you are in IT and focused upon digital transformation projects, seeking to reduce costs, speed development cycles, or perhaps you are are a business user under pressure to deliver valuable insights now, our solutions enable the on-demand, data driven enterprise.

Best of all, the Anzo Smart Data Lake solutions are a fraction of the implementation costs of traditional approaches.

Semantic Layer for Hadoop

Create maximum business value from your Hadoop repository by deploying a semantic layer to connect and create meaning from all your data. Data is described in the language of your business and is readily accessible to business users without requiring any specialized skill sets. Put your data to good use by discovering new insights, in a fraction of the time required by older and outdated solutions. Download the Quick Start offer sheet here.


  • Easily connect, access and analyze your data
  • Works on-premise or in the cloud
  • Accelerate time to insight
  • Deploy at Enterprise scale

Accelerate Cloud Data Lakes

Transform your cloud Data Lake into an easy to-use analytics platform without any custom coding required. Once data is automatically ingested and cataloged the semantic layer in Anzo Smart Data Lake interconnects entities from all data and content sources to drastically cut down on the time it takes to deliver cloud based analytics. Download the Quick Start offer sheet here.


  • Ingest into graph using auto-generated models
  • Analyze your data sets in the cloud
  • Configure endpoints to connect to your BI tools

Data on Demand for BI and Data Science

Ingest, model, connect and transform your data to make it immediately available to the analytics tools of choice. Explore data within Anzo Smart Data Lake before feeding it into analytics tools to identify and address any data issues before their analysis starts. In a matter of weeks, your analysts will be able to ask more questions than ever before against multiple sources of data. Download the Quick Start offer sheet here.


  • Create analytics-ready data sets
  • Track full lineage from source to BI tools
  • Code-free data preparation and exploration

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs are helping companies connect all of their data sources to unlock new capabilities beyond the reach of traditional relational technologies. With Anzo Smart Data Lake, you can design, build, manage and scale your own Enterprise Knowledge Graph, all in one platform. Download the Quick Start offer sheet here.


  • Develop Enterprise Knowledge Graphs with speed, scale, security and governance
  • Ingest, model and transform all your diverse and complex data
  • Perform iterative real-time analytics without any custom coding
  • Create customizable “point and click” dashboards that uncover new insights

Metadata Mangement

Anzo lets both business users and IT discover, understand and manage key information assets that drive critical business decisions by tracking metadata elements’ approval and usage life cycles. This solution promotes reuse, allowing you to capture random extended attributes about any metadata element. By directly driving forms, visualizations, analytics, and data-integration processes, Anzo lets you operationalize your metadata.


  • Manage metadata that’s customized to your information needs
  • Automate operational data activities such as data services and data integration projects directly from metadata
  • Streamline information access by fully understanding data lineage throughout your organization
  • Metadata quality is enhanced via support for governance and lifecycle work flows

Search & Discovery

The one-size-fits-all approach to search isn’t sufficient, causing users to spend hours poring over links to pages that are minimally related to the question they first had. With Anzo Search & Discovery solutions, users ask self-guided questions and are served precise answers gathered from content spread across and beyond the enterprise. Anzo explains the origin of the answer, allowing the user to self-explore for further analysis.


  • Transition seamlessly between search, data exploration and analytics experiences
  • Find precise answers by asking questions with natural language, leaving out the guesswork for perfect keywords to get relevant search results tailored to your business
  • Combine private, proprietary, and public content to ensure complete, up-to-date, and trustworthy search results
  • Discover deep insights from content analytics and algorithms

Unstructured Text Integration

Critical information in any given organization is often buried in free-form text from documents and email to web pages and data feeds. This information evades the proper monitoring to sit within standard databases. Anzo connects data trapped within unstructured documents with data anywhere else in the enterprise, letting you treat it as accurately as data from traditional structured enterprise data sources.



  • Access all information in one place—regardless of format, structure, or location
  • Enrich your understanding of key business entities by integrating data from text processing pipelines
  • Process unstructured content to curate and integrate with structured data, text analytics or for application use
  • Create custom, but not required, scripts and rules to find and link data from unstructured sources